Ruleset LUXMASTERS 2018

§1 Ruleset

§1.1 Validity

In the case that specific rules or guidelines cannot be applied, the decision and consequences will be announced solely by the E-Sports Luxembourg ASBL (henceforth referred to as tournament host). This includes cases that are not covered by the initial ruleset

§1.2 Participants 

Participants of Luxmasters (henceforth referred to as the competition or tournament) are individual and team players that are eligible to participate in the tournament. By Participating in a match any player agrees to follow this ruleset.

§1.3 Tournament Host

Luxmasters is managed by the council of E-Sports Luxembourg.

E-Sports Luxembourg ASBL
6, rte d'Echternach
L-6212 Consdorf (Luxembourg)

They are assisted by volunteers to ensure the quality of the tournament.

§1.4 Rule Changes

The tournament host has the right to adapt and extend he guidelines at any given time. These changes will be communicated to the participants at which point they become valid.

§1.5 Applicability

These guidelines are valid for the sole purpose of the competition. Guidelines from other competitions are not valid. Regulations from previous E-sports Luxembourg competitions still apply. This includes cheating, not following the guidelines and misconduct. In certain cases, the tournament host may intervene to ensure fair play and sportsmanship, even if the guidelines do not cover the specific case.

§1.6 Code of Conduct

Participants are required to be mindful and respectful towards other participants, the tournament host, the press, audience and partners. The tournament Host, e-sport in Luxembourg and the sponsors are to be publicly treated with dignity. Insults, threats, conceit spamming and other misconducts will result in penalties. This includes in game conduct, online chats and commentaries as well as any other public or online media. Participating at the competition under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Misconduct in extreme cases may result in disqualification.

§1.7 Penalties

Penalties include bans, scoring, and disqualification. The penalty is directly linked to the severity of the infringement and will be harsher in repeat cases.

§1.7.1 Bans

Bans may be applied over a specified period, an entire tournament phase, or for single matches. Both individual players and entire Teams may be banned.

§1.7.2 Disqualification

Severe transgressions (such as Cheating, Bug-using), or repeated or sever misconduct may lead to immediate expulsion from the tournament. In this case the participant score will be set to zero.

§1.8 Age

Players are required to be at least 16 at the start of the group phase in order to be able to participate

§1.9 Betting

Participants are not allowed to place bets (or be involved in any form of gambling) on any results or matches of the tournament. Should a participant be found guilty of betting the penalty will be decided by the tournament host.

§1.10 Time and region

Communicated time slots in the guidelines, official mails and news are to be considered as either Central European Summer Time or Central European Time respectively.

§1.11 Communication

Participants will be in contact with the tournament host over Facebook messenger. Participants may also use the e-sports Luxembourg discord server. In certain cases, the tournament host can be emailed via

§1.11.1 Facebook Groups

Every team may have up to two Representatives. These will have access to the various Facebook Groups. If a Representative is removed from the Team, this needs to be communicated to the Tournament host as soon as possible.

§1.12 Sponsors

Any advertisement that relates to pornographic content is prohibited. This includes firms, Individuals and associations that are active in this domain.

§1.13 VAC-BAN

The Host may decide to ban Players from the competition in case they are currently VAC-banned depending on the severity that caused this ban in the first place. In this case the ban will begin at the same time as the VAC-ban has been issued.

§2 Structure

§2.1 Online phase

The tournament format of the competition will be announced after the registration phase.

§2.2 Offline phase

A detailed ruleset for the offline phase will be given to participants before the start of the offline phase.

§2.3 Registration

Teams can register online at, every player needs to register with their own steam ID.

§2.4 Veto-System

How the veto-system works:

  • Groupe phase: Teams alternatively ban Maps until a single map remains.
  • Playoffs (Bo3): Team A - Ban; Team B - Ban; Team A - Pick; Team B - Pick; Team A - Ban; Team B - Ban.

§2.5 Game settings

These settings will be used for the competition:

  • Freezetime: 15 sec
  • Roundtime: 1min 55 sec
  • Maxrounds: 30
  • Startmoney: 800 Dollar
  • Overtime: MR 3
  • Overtime Money: 10.000 Dollar
  • Sidechoice: with Kniferound

§2.6 Mappool

Der Mappool richtet sich nach der vom Publisher zu Beginn des Turniers eingestellten Map-Rotation in dem Spielmodus "Wettkampf" (Active Duty Group).

§2.7 Player settings

These settings must not be changed::

  • mat_hdr_level (startparameter) 
  • mat_hdr_enable (startparameter) 
  • mat_hdr_enabled (startparameter)
All other settings in the config files may be changed as long as this change does not result in a gamechanging advantage. Third party software that change how the game is played are also prohiobited. Any evidence of these third party software or incorrect player settings may result in a penalty.

§2.7.1 Scripts

The following Scripts are prohibited:

  • Stop-Shotscripts (Use- or AWP-Scripts)
  • Centerviewscripts
  • Bustfirescripts
  • Bunnyhop-Scripts
  • Ratechanger (Lagscripts)
  • FPS-Scripts Stopsoundscripts
  • Use'n Walk-Scripts
  • Bindings Anti-Flash-Scripts or Anti-Flash-Binds
  • NoRecoil-Scripts/Bindings
  • Jumpthrow-Scripts

§2.7.2 Scripts in general

In general, all scripts are prohibited. The exception to this rule are scripts that involve buying weapons and equipment.

§2.7.3 Game overlays

The following overlays are allowed:

  • cl_showpos 1
  • cl_showfps 1
  • net_graph 1-4
Any other overlays as well as “and_”-bindings are prohibited.

§2.7.4 Third party software and tools

Software that is used to change the games visuals or textures is prohibited. Further Overlays detailing system information are prohibited.

§2.7.5 Custom files

Custom files other than Steamskins and HUDs are prohibited. Steamskins only apply changes to steam layout or console, any other modifications, such as models or crosshairs are prohibited.

§2.8 Matchtime / Matchweeks

Matchups during the competiton do not necessarily have to be played at the scheduled time (default date). Teams are responsible to schedule their match during that week.

If both teams are unable to schedule a match during that week the default date will be the scheduled match for all organisational and ruling purposes. Both teams should be actively trying to schedule a match, scheduling a match outside of the default date is not considered a change of schedule.

Activity from both teams is paramount, as any proposal date for a match will be considered unanimously accepted if the opposing team does not reschedule or disapprove the date after two days (48h).

Valid match proposals include date and time of day.

Teams should propose at most three proposals before their opponents reply. Any further proposal(s) will replace the original proposal(s).

§2.9 Postponing Matches

Postponing matches to the next week is allowed until a week prior to the last play week. The teams do not need to request permission first, however, both teams need to agree on postponing the match. Matches in the last week of play may not be postponed.

If Teams agree to play their match before the scheduled week of the default date, they may do so. They should announce this as soon as possible.

§3 General guidlines

§3.1 Nationality and Residence

To participate at the competition, Players need to reside within the country for the duration of the competition or possess the Luxembourgish nationality. If a player does not reside in Luxembourg during the competition (i.e. if they are on vacation) they have to formally address the tournament host. If a player does not announce their residency or does so too late, there will be penalties for the player or their team.

§3.2 Gender

Players will not be discriminated against due to their gender, as part of code of conduct. Hence gender does not influence a Players right to participate.

§3.3 Cheating 

Any form of cheating is prohibited, this includes for example: Aimbots, Maphacks, Ghosting others Streams, as well as Match arrangements. Cheat bans exempt the player for the remainder of the tournament.

§3.4 Bug-abuse

Actively abusing in-game bugs is prohibited. In severe cases bug-abuse may result in disqualifications. If a player abuses a bug outside of the following list of bugs the tournament host will decide whether a penalty is applied. The List of bugs may be expanded upon at any point.

  • Before the match: If objects are missing due to loading errors, the players are responsible to check and announce this error. Then game will be reloaded. In case the missing objects have not been spotted before the match, it will be considered as both teams agreeing to play without the missing objects. A rematch will not be issued.
  • During the matches: It is prohibited to glitch through walls or ceilings or cross terrain by any other means that is not meant to be crossed. This includes skywalking and pixelwalking and abusing flashbugs. Further Bombs may not be planted in a manner that they are inaccessible to the opposing team (this does not include climbing over teammates, which is generally allowed).
  • Throwing grenades below walls is prohibited (throwing them over walls and roofs is acceptable).

§3.5 Disconnect/Timeouts

If a player disconnects and cannot reconnect at the start of the next round, their Team may use the pause command to allow the dropped player an additional 15 minutes to reconnect.

§3.6 Player switches

Switching Team members are allowed during matches. If a Team wants to switch one of their players they have to announce this and name the new player. First, the team announces the switch, then the game is frozen. During the freeze time the original player disconnects at which point the new player needs to connect to the server immediately to resume play as soon as possible.

§3.7 Recording demos

Every Player has to start recording a Demo at the beginning of a map. This can be done by using the “record” command in the console (example: record Team1-vs-Team2).

§4 Guidelines for the local offline tournament 

§4.1 Code of conduct

Obeying the Tournament host and referees is mandatory. No Food is allowed past stage doors. Drinks in closable containers are allowed. Objects not relevant for the competition are to be removed from the desks (including gum phones, watches, etc…). Referees will take care of these objects and they may be retrieved after the match. Exceptions may be allowed, but have to be discussed with the referees. Any garbage left by the players is to be removed by the players. Excessive Cursing, insults and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in penalties or even exemption from the competition.

§4.2 Interviews

By being present at the event, players agree to be interviewed at any time (other than during matches). This includes Coaches and Managers of the Teams

§4.3 Wardrobe

Players are expected to wear matching and representing outfits during the competition. The tournament host may restrict players’ garments depending on displayed logos, text or symbols.

§4.4 Hardware and Software

Players compete on the setups they bring with them. The tournament host may offer other setups for individual matches or the entirety of the event.  Players have to wear both headset and in-ears during the offline competition. The tournament host will provide in ears and cleaning tissues if necessary for a small fee (5€).

§5 Other

§5.1 Counter­Strike Global Offensive Version

The offline competition will be played on the latest non-beta version available on steam.

Have fun & good luck!